Dear readers,

Many thanks to and love to all of you who have followed me till my 50th flaw… so to say. Thank you for being faithful (and critical) comrades through the journey of my Abyss of flaws. Here at my blog, I have presented to you a part of my soul… which has been received with all its beauty and flaws alike. You, my friends, have given me something invaluable…confidence. I’m no longer much scared to express myself like before. I have not regretted starting a blog, and I don’t think I ever will.

Sorry for rambling. But isn’t this amazing? It makes me so happy to press the publish button. It is a constant motivation, a constant source of happiness, and of course my own insane corner in the vastness of this crazy world.

I hope that the texture of my words, my moods, my thoughts have suited the skin of your minds and hearts. I hope that I have painted a little stroke of color in the canvas of your thoughts. I hope I have been able to make my messed scrawls look like sense to your eyes, lol. And I hope you have payed me back in smiles for my efforts here? (although tears and shivers would work just fine too) haha 😀

This blog, it has been my solace, my escape and joy. I cannot imagine what I would have been like if not for An Abyss of flaws. :’) I’m so glad that I received encouragement and support from my friends (who are awesome bloggers themselves.. cheers 😀 ) thegirlwiththepaperflower, thegirlwhonevergrowsup, and divyajn…. thank you 🙂

Also fellow bloggers who have followed me, vitasta26, John White, Nina Karadzic, Elan Mudrow, kim881, it’s a pleasure to present to you my work.

Here is the most liked post Complete The most commented on post I realized, I have an amazing love life!! And my personal favorites An Abyss Within ItselfBottlesSplit, Andromeda, The Last Tear, Autumn’s End, I’m Just Only Human. I could add all, ’cause I love them all, haha. Though there is one which I feel was extremely dumb :I feel like cracking a lame joke. I’ve let it breathe and seethe in the Abyss, though.

Anyway. So let the boring stuff be.

I’ll tell you what? Listen to this band.


Yep. Bastille. It’s AWESOME. Okay, I’m being a fangirl, but PEOPLE IT’S WORTH ONE LISTEN!! And here they are: (R to L) Dan (the lead), Woody, Will and Kyle.

These guys will blow you off. Guarantee.

No? Need reasons? Here:

  • Dan has a British accent, and his voice is like liquid chocolate all over your tongue, plus I guess he applies angel’s tears on his hair.
  • Dan has the cutest smile ever.
  • Dan Dan Dan AwesomeAwesomeAwesome
  • DAN
  • okay, haha. They’ve got amazing music… I mean the beats, the tempo… everything, it’s from another planet. Seriously.
  • Unconventional. Describes them.
  • The lyrics and the theme of their songs. It’ll be something so far away, or something that so simple, or something that you always think of yet never think of it the way they do. My god. It’s to die for… their songs are  unparalleled.
  • And they’ve nice “ooohhh”s
  • Dan is amazing.
  • Some songs will chill you to the core. Most would leave you gaping at the screen. Others would make you cry. And shivers come for free.
  • For people looking for something more than love songs, more than bullshit rap, more than “oh party. Its all about partying.” songs… go for Bastille.


Though I love all of them, here are some favorites.

  • Laughter Lines
  • Sleepsong
  • Pompeii
  • Poet
  • Oblivion
  • Skulls
  • Other People’s Heartache (album)
  • Bad Blood (album) ….. this came before Taylor Swift’s bad blood (which in my opinion is pretty bad, lol, chill I like her)
  • oh god I can go on….. and on.

And that’s for cynical nerds Wikipedia, duh.

And look! Dan!


I love this one. ’cause ….MINIONS! Yayayayy. Minions and Bastille! yay. 😀


Thank you all. Love BΔSTILLE. (or die)

Yours till my breath allows,


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