It isn’t just a gaping pit of darkness… It is a tunnel through time, telling stories from the past. It’s a portal to the future, revealing dreams and hopes. It is a vortex of the many fears, lies, secrets… It is but a manifestation of the very soul that our skins conceal. Yet it is nothing but a link joining our mind and the world beyond. A two sided coin… look outside it and you shall see your mind, look inside it and you shall see your heart.

It is the mouth that speaks for the weak, and the veil that hides for the strong. There is so much it says and more that it conceals.

Each is a swirling mist of flaws around the dark abyss of nothingness. Yet each has a uniqueness, a different charm, a new sparkle, a lost glimmer… a beauty of its own.

It talks.

It expresses.

It dreams.

It hints.

It confesses.

It caresses.

It shies.

It lives. It breathes.

It is the eyes.

If we dare to look into seemingly small black hole and search further, we might see universe to explore.

If we look beyond the single sphere of color, we would find the many myriad shades of a life painted in it.

If we breach the shadows of lashes lowered over the tears, we might just realize how pain has a depth to it.

Eyes are the most beautiful aspect of the human body… because it is eyes that mingle the life with flesh, the mind with the heart and the world with the soul.

Eyes have never failed to intrigue me. I’m left with a different thought each time I see one.

I happened to spend quite some time looking at pictures of eyes. And they left me with so many beautiful thoughts that I couldn’t help but write about them today, inspite of the all the work and lack of time.

In this picture, I first see grief and anger. But when I looked closely enough, I saw longing…

Aren’t we taught to always fear the unknown? We are so accustomed to the constricted world and fear is embedded so deep in our eyes, that we fail to see beyond the limited horizons of only what is familiar.


Eyes are ” a tunnel through time, telling stories from the past… a portal to the future, revealing dreams and hopes.”
Exclamation: WE ARE ALL BORN CRAZY! Thought: Our eyes are often conflicted between what we see and what we perceive.
“Clouds of pain burst forth, and my eyes rain the blood of my soul.”
There is seemingly nothing special about this image. Or is there? To me it just shows how, with our eyes, we can reach out from within the bars of darkness and shadows…
Tears come from inside the eyes… But here, I see them being splashed upon eyes. True. Hurt is usually inflicted from outside…
Don’t all of us choose to hide behind our eyes? But it’s that choice which reveals the most.
Hollow hope. Where winged birds have nothing more than barren forests to infest…
If you have ever chosen to forget something you saw, you were probably protecting yourself from your own disturbing thoughts….
I’m simply enchanted by this one. Have you ever tried to look deep into someone’s eyes? This is how it feels.
Sometimes, storms and rages stay only behind the eyes. When they do surface, they ravage everything within its sight. If they don’t, they ravage whatever is left inside.
Every eye hopes.
Each one of us has the two sides to ourselves… doesn’t always have to be good and bad, but we need to accept both parts as our own.
Most of us hesitate to see the truth, the Reality, only to end up hurting ourselves.
Woman with cyborg eye
Are we reduced to mechanical creatures driven by monotonous lives and everyday expectations? Humans were born to explore, to see the beauty, and to love. Let’s stop being mechanized robots.
We read books. But sometimes don’t you feel, the book reads you too? Alas, we gaze too long at the pages and reveal too much of ourselves to the books we read.
Eyes are just beautiful. Every simple one.
Haha. See how ironical eyes can be? Look at the “Joker”. And then his eyes. And then what he says. (I put this up because Joker is my favorite, hehe)

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