Lil’ lil’ things 

With evolution and inheritance playing between species, generations and between the very cells we’re made of… humans seem to be its best result. Having a cranial capacity of 1300 cc, eyes with a contrast ratio of 100 000:1, luminance range of 1014 …. it is but obvious, we’re blessed beings. But in the rush of city lights and flashing headlights, smoke in the air, blaring music in the … Continue reading Lil’ lil’ things 


The mountain air, my sniff of high Trenches, dips and curves the rides of amusement  Pour my heart down a valley, into a stream of sigh Watch it bungee jump, with no attachment.  The foaming mouths of the ocean waves by the beach My skin dipping on its wonder  Feet inches deep in the depth of sand  Sink deeper, deeper- here’s my gambling plunder Drunk, … Continue reading Sober 

Rain and wind 

​And now while the wind blows the last specks of a rainshower,  My face freckled in bliss and distracted reality,  I know I have a mind to carry and a heart too heavy,  But it’s the soul that speaks and needs me to stay another second before I go A second for a single thought of times and all pretty things.  Like rain,  and wind  … Continue reading Rain and wind