A day in March, and thoughts of you

In this month of March, when spring should have been, I’m half blinded by the sun blaring into my face. And yet beneath strands of loose hair, hazy brown in light, there’s a smile radiant inspite of the heat and exhaustion. There is an absence of wind in this static day, but the entropy of thoughts is plentiful. As they flicker through my head they … Continue reading A day in March, and thoughts of you

A mess of thoughts, inked through a writer’s block

I have been trying to write. I swear I have tried most possible means. I have stayed up in the silence of the night, waiting for a muse to drift by into sleepy eyes. I have strayed into lonelier dirtpaths, recluse benches, shadowy trees, pitch dark corners, my bed, the floor, upon a table, under the table, over the table, all over the place and … Continue reading A mess of thoughts, inked through a writer’s block

A little post of gratitude

I’m on a train, typing this bit out of an overwhelming urge of expression. But unlike my recent posts about being on trains and travelling, this isn’t about me, or my thoughts and muse.  It’s about this man sitting beside me. He looks like any guy aged somewhere between 25 to 30, spectacled and fairly built.  I’ve for long been engrossed in my novel and … Continue reading A little post of gratitude

Tumbling thoughts on a rumbling train

Once again, the wheels screeched along the whistle and rumbles of the train. I waved through the tinted glass to my little sister, expecting her to begin sobbing any moment.  She didn’t.  Maybe the tiny girl had really grown up. Maybe her heart is being replaced with heavier emotions bit by bit, and her head filling up with sober sadness. Maybe she’s heading to what … Continue reading Tumbling thoughts on a rumbling train

Lil’ lil’ things 

With evolution and inheritance playing between species, generations and between the very cells we’re made of… humans seem to be its best result. Having a cranial capacity of 1300 cc, eyes with a contrast ratio of 100 000:1, luminance range of 1014 …. it is but obvious, we’re blessed beings. But in the rush of city lights and flashing headlights, smoke in the air, blaring music in the … Continue reading Lil’ lil’ things 


I was urged to write since the moment today, about half hour ago, while I was sipping from a papercup of tasteless chai* in the college canteen. The point of time when my spectacles fogged from the vapours of the ten rupee chai, and my vision blurred temporarily into a trance- I knew I had to write.  Momentarily, all noises had turned into a mindless … Continue reading Chai