raining outside

13 June 2015

Dear You,

I talked to you yesterday night. I went to sleep with a smile on my face. I woke up today, thinking how beautiful life is. I spent the day singing, smiling, laughing… 

I’m sitting here on my table. Just studying for tomorrows test.

But it’s started raining…

The wind is blowing my hair crazy. It’s whipping the pages of my books. The raindrops are falling into my room through the window…

It smells heavenly. Sweet, rusty smell of wet soil. The sky is so bright and the raindrops are falling in a musical patter.

I’m smiling wide through the hair, which is now all over my face. If you were here, you would’ve probably laughed at how idiotic I am looking at the moment.

I’m breathing deep. Each breath is trembling my heart a little and moving out with a soft ache.

It’s a sweet sadness…

A bird is flapping away. Back to home, maybe. Another is calling out in sharp chirps, hopping, looking around. Searching for its mate, maybe…

Yeah, now there are two. Hopping together. Waiting for the rain to subside, maybe…

The rain has slowed down slightly. It is only showering now. I’m already missing the pitter-patter of the rain…

My table clock has stopped, I realized. It’s stuck. The second’s hand is trying to move, but it just twitches and falls back. It’s imitating my thoughts, maybe…

My thoughts, they are just stuck. They won’t budge. However far I try to pull them, they spring back like elastic bands.

They just hover over the memories. They linger on the words. They long for that voice. They flow backward in time…

I don’t like this clock. It’s mocking at me. It has stopped, to make painfully bare that time is passing. That it is flying towards an uncertain future…

The rain has ceased. The birds have flown away. For they have to explore the beautiful skies.

Together, maybe. 


2 thoughts on “Just a letter to you, I wrote on a rainy day.

  1. Enjoyed this post! It’s eerie. I just started browsing your blog recently and I wrote something very similar to this. “Condensing Existence” check it out. We really do think alike. 😉

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