Deeper than the night

They sat side by side. The monochrome from the garden lamp cast two shadows on the ground- their contours only inches away from just brushing past each other. Their figures were settled so comfortably against the background that it seemed as if the cold night had awaited their warm smiles for long. They smiled; eyes fixed, not on each other, but on the million little … Continue reading Deeper than the night


“… I’ve been in love, yeah” “Name? What’s his name?”   “Name…? What is a name? A name is only a cage to a life that reaches beyond the single uttering from my lips. A name is but a noise, nothing compared to the many musicals that sing of it’s existence. … existence of a miracle, of another story yet to be unraveled, of a creation that is … Continue reading Name…?


A silhouette of the burning pyre still remained glazed in my eyes. It seemed as if the time would never move again. It seemed as if grief was immortalized in the air forever. It seemed as if my voice had escaped me. It seemed as if the echoing wails in the voids created, would never be satisfied.  My heart felt like a broken glass beyond … Continue reading Burnt


My blank gaze was fixed on the fiery blaze.  Soundlessly, the burning blood screamed…as the fingers of treacherous flames devoured it’s existence.  And I? I stood, my feet shackled to the grounds of fear. I swayed, to the turbulence of the winds of tears. I stayed, gagged and chained with my own weakness. My eyes seared with grief and refused to blink, lest a tear … Continue reading Burning