I had decided to write this particular post long back. But somehow, I could never complete it, and since then it had been lying in my drafts folder. Yesterday, though, something happened that reminded me of this and I had an urge to finish writing this post. So here it goes…


Everybody has so many different ways to control their anger. Some people read, or sing, or call up a nice friend, or write. Most choose to block out thoughts,distract themselves by music or T.V. Some simply punch pillows or scream or cry. Then there are ones who just go and vent it out…

You know, all the sorts…

I usually write, or stare at some random thing, or simply sit quietly and try not to talk much.

But there is one more thing, I drink water. Like, I keep on gulping it down till I can no more.

And people, though it might be funny, it helps.

But that’s not the point.

The thing is that, one day while I was trying to not be pissed at something, and I was sitting in my room with a bottle of water, this amazing analogy occurred to me.


Since then, bottles have meant to me a little more than they should….

I don’t know exactly how to put it, but see, everybody has a bottle.(Wait, you’ll understand)
glassThere are so many kinds of bottles, right?

There are those glass bottles, so heavy to carry and ready to break into thousand pieces with the slightest toss in the wind. plastic

And the plastic bottles; light, and reusable. But when you crush them slightly or really hard, they would gain those scratches and dents forever.

tupperAnd those sturdy Tupperware™ bottles, oh they are the favorites. They will hold all the water, and won’t break easily and last you long. But unfortunately, water inside gets affected by the temperature outside.


And ah, the Thermos flasks. Whatever you keep in it, wont be affected. Nothing inside affects the outside, nothing outside affects the inside. Adiabatic.


And there are different sizes to them. The tiny bottles can’t hold lot, but they are easy to carry around. Large bottles have some capacity, but they are difficult to take with you. Though, I read somewhere that strong essences are kept in tiny bottles.

And of course, all of them have caps.


Some have those nice large caps with grooves, so you can open them easily. Some have cork caps that you need to screw open. cork

And some caps are fumbling tiny things, which get lost and then you have to roam around with them trying to save the water till you get back home.

Then there are those pathetic worthless ones. They are loose. They’ll keep spilling whatever you put in them. So, you stop using them.

howAnd yeah, there are those mysterious caps. They would slip in like butter, but when you want to open them, they just don’t budge. You squeeze and you pull and push and bite and kick and jump over it. They are just too stubborn. So either you give it up, or you ask somebody to open. And for these caps, there will always be one person who can open it like that, and you’ll be staring into their faces like, how on earth?


Some bottles are so beautiful, like pretty glass vials. But they are fragile. And there are those rugged water-skins. But they’ll be there when you are stuck in a desert or something.

So what bottle do you carry inside?

(Now that I think this way,bottles are just faaasccinaaatinngg…no?)


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      1. Contrary to what I replied to you in the email you sent me regarding this, I think I’m finally going to start writing again so expect some new posts soon!

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