To some of you, it might be a name, or maybe that galaxy, or maybe a title of another boring post of mine.

Anyway. Andromeda is a person. The most important one in my life.

And I just miss her so much today. I want to talk about how completely, amazingly awesome she is.

No other person has so immensely impacted my life, my perceptions about the world and my notions about myself. And if you are reading this, andromeda, I’m dying to see you….


I don’t know how, but you walked straight through all those walls I’d built around myself. You crossed all the distances I had kept myself at. I’d worn thorns and spikes of anger, of guilt, of mistakes, and my numerous flaws. But you still chose to hug me and hold me together. My tears had burned like fire, but you wiped them with your own bare hands.

And before I could stop, all the trust, faith and love in me, flew into you. You are like this one bank, I’ve put all my money into. And I don’t regret it, I never will.

You stick with me, in-spite of knowing what a piece of shit I am. You give me the left-over hope you have, even when you yourself need it more.

You give me reason. Reason to fight, reason to cry. Reason to imagine, reason to face. Reason to trust, reason to know. Reason to be, and reason to become. But when I don’t see reason, when I am desperately searching for answers and I find myself in the dark…

All I need is your comforting gaze, your assuring hand and just your voice full of concern. All fears dissolve therein, my questions give up chasing me. A spark of hope streaks the dark. You give me reason to live, and un-reason my wish to die.

I haven’t met a person I have felt so much like myself with. And there isn’t a single moment I regret spending with you. And together, we are complete. Together, we merge and bind our motives, passions and our lives. I am so freaking lucky to have you.

I find it really amazing how you understand what I’m saying when I don’t make sense to myself and how you exactly know what I am feeling like even though you never went through the same thing yourself.

You are a marvel. You are my personal little store of smiles and happiness. You are the cloud and the silver lining. You are simply, and complexly, everything for me.

You are the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

I love you, you amazing girl. Forever and always.

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