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Part I

With You, At Last

I was never this happy since we last parted. 

It was late afternoon. A smile broke upon my face and my steps quickened in anticipation of seeing you again. I didn’t even have to think where I was going, my heart raced along, leading me to you. 343737_web_new101610AHcreepychic3

The black iron gates felt cold upon my palm, as if asking me to think again and change my mind. But I walked on. I was sure, this was it.

The soft grass was soothing, as if it never knew of the sorrows buried underneath and the tears that fell upon it. My eyes didn’t have to search for you, You were right there, beside that big, old tree. I felt for engravings upon its bark… your name with mine looked so beautiful. As my fingers traced the carvings, my arm throbbed, as if it was aware of the etchings cut upon it, that vaguely formed the letters of your name.

The earth felt soft as I fell beside the stony coldness that walled you from me. It was nothing like the warmth that you had always embraced me with.

The sun was setting low, reminding me of the new dawn that awaited. The crimson rapidly diffused through the sky. The sun must also bleed before settling into the peaceful night, I thought.old-statue-grave-lychakivskyj-cemetery-lviv-ukrain-woman-ukraine-43900511

As the red rays bloodied the pallid winter sky, I spread the last of all the warmth in me over the grey distance of death that separated us.

I bled.

I bled in the color of our love. I bled for our togetherness.

My tears trickled down and fell on the soil, seeping deep beneath where you slept.

I lay my head where your heart would have been and waited for the night to shroud me.

With a smile on my face, eyes glazed upon the stars, I lay right beside you, where I belonged. And together, we slept into the peaceful night.

I was never this happy since we last parted.


Part II

Autumn’s End

I trudged along the narrow winding path to home, the4069855028_a8edcbdc63_m sound of crunching leaves being my only companion. After an entire day of tiring work, a one mile walk was exhausting. I pulled my parka tightly around as the cold wind grazed my face.

The villagers had said, winter wouldn’t be there for another month. But gusts of cold wind made me think that autumn’s end was near.

Squirrels scuttled past with mouthfuls of nuts. The sky hinted shades of grey. Leaves fell in wild twirls to form a coppery carpet of welcome… yes, winter would set in soon. ELDERLY_COUPLE_STROLL_DOWN_A_TREE-LINED_ROAD_WHICH_LEADS_TO_THE_SAWMILL_AT_THE_HALE_FARM_AND_WESTERN_RESERVE_VILLAGE..._-_NARA_-_557940

I remembered when Dylan and I would walk back home together… laughing, talking, fingers intertwined. How his gaze would seep right through my heart.

Lia had his eyes… beautiful green eyes, a deep and sparkling sea of joy.

I felt like the luckiest woman alive. Life couldn’t have been better… except that Dylan’s flailing condition kept gnawing at me. The thought was so scary that I always chose to escape it.


The air felt warmer as I reached up to the oak door and knocked. My fatigue washed away ans a smile crept upon my lips. Oh, home was worth the one mile walk!

“You must be tired.” said Lia, taking off my coat. “Come, I have already made us dinner.”

“Where is Dylan?” I asked, looking around. “I asked him to sleep. Oh, he wanted to stay up to see you, but he was somewhat weary, so I thought it was better if he rested. ” “You did right, dear.”

“An ENTIRE month here, with you and dad! And the mountains, the wind, and the trees… oh bliss!” I watched Lia prance around the room, as lithe as a fawn, merriment glittering in her green eyes. “Come, it’s late. “I ruffled her hair and kissed her goodnight.


p2I walked into the room to find Dylan fast asleep. His pale face was wrinkled with age, but a child-like innocence hung in the air around him. I smiled to myself, thinking of those days when I’d meet him by the old tree in the churchyard… We’d spent the night watching the stars, his arms around me…

I wondered for how long I still had him. But I immediately pushed the thought away.

No, we’d never have to part.


At half past two, Dylan woke up shuddering, sweating, breathing hard. His eyes were bloodshot. My hands trembled as I picked the phone. My movements felt strangely slow.

I suddenly became aware of the clock ticking by. I heard Dylan’s rough breath turn to sharp gasps. The wait for the ambulance seemed like forever. Beads of sweat cooled on my furrowed brow. Dylan clutched my arm.

The wails of the sirens came crashing through the numbness in the air. The next moments were a flurry of footsteps, men and panic. His grip around my arm loosened and his hand fell limply.


I found myself staring at the bare whiteness of the walls. I was hardly breathing, and my skin was cold with sweat. I didn’t even realize that I was crying.

The door of the hospital room briefly opened. My heart slumped upon seeing the faces of the people inside.

Back at home, Lia was asleep. Eyes shut, fingers clutching the covers. Fast asleep, dreaming in blissful oblivion.

I shut the door behind me, leaving Lia in her sleep, unperturbed. She deserved a last restful night.


Lia’s eyes no longer twinkled. Her cherry lips didn’t curve. She wouldn’t talk, just pace outside the white hospital door and peer into the hole in it.

Eighty days. It was eighty days and Dylan hadn’t responded to my voice, touch or tears. He turned paler each day.

The white of the walls was settling upon me as dread.


My eyes burned as I watched. I watched him as he was being lowered down into the ground, the distance between us increasing. I watched… I saw his name upon stone. As cold and grey as death.

Lia had stayed at home.


I couldn’t share my sorrow with her, because she was lying so deep in her own. Alone, I was nothing but flesh and bones, and I could not let her know of my fears…

I crept into her room that night. The moonlight fell upon her face, showing hr waxy skin and deep hollows under the eyes. I brushed a strand of hair from her face. I felt the pillow still wet with tears.

Beside her, I lay her father’s first gift to me -a flowing white gown, the only thing that she would inherit. I switched on the night lamp, and saw the picture of her father beside it. It seemed so ironical for the light to fall so brightly upon his face…

After having one last look at her, I left her to wake herself up next morning.

Because, I had always known how this would end.


special credits to thegirlwhonevergrowsup @ … without you, this beauty would never have been possible. Horray for us. 🙂

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