“I’m too tired.”

The dreams, begin.

The time, ambles.

Ticking. Staying. Slower.

The pulse, scrambles.

Skip. Beat. Faster.

The thoughts, tumble.

Here. There. Tousled.

The skin, trembles.

Twitch, Shake. Quiver. 

The brain, rambles.

Do. Don’t. Maybe. 

The heart, mumbles.

Hush. Calm. Can’t!

The patience, paves.

Restless. Anxious. Wait!

The hopes, fire.

Swiveling. Rocketing. Higher!

The eyes, search.

Sudden. Stop. You!

The horizons, merge.

Moving. Flowing. Closing. 

The heartbeat, rumbles.

Tears. Joy. Sweet Confusion. 

The gaze, humbles.

And we. meet. again. 

“I waited for long.”

The smiles, complete. 


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