So,  I was talking to this Cute Guy I got to know a few days back*… here’s the conversation. 

“Oh, I’ve been the only one speaking all along. You say something now. 🙂 ”

(that was the Cute Guy, not me.)

“Umm, me? Nah I don’t talk much… used to, but you know…”

“No, I don’t know. Why don’t you talk anymore?”

“Uhh? Oh I used to talk a lot. But I talked and I talked and worked out Talk so much that I got dumped.

Plus, you know, I’d been sleeping with Secrets and Life had been flinging me for some time and lately I’ve been hanging out with Loneliness a bit too much…

It was okay till Talk didn’t know.  But then, I couldn’t keep it in and Talk knew. It messed up things quite bad and he screwed, broke up, left and did not come back.

But I still have the memories and the part of him he gave me. 🙂 I still have that piece of his heart of sarcasm, satire and other rhetoric. I’m happy but I still miss him, you know.”

“umm…. okaaaayyy…. ” *walks away with a look on the face*

“Oh great. I’ve lost another guy, now. I think, he knows about my affairs with Weird.  I’ll just give Loneliness a call and then we can have coffee together. Yay. ”

*invented, rather.

P.S: The Cute guy is a work of fiction. Though rest of the facts are true. Any resemblance of a person, living or dead, to Talk, Life, Secrets, Loneliness or Weird is purely a coincidence. No puns intended.

P.P.S: gotta love my sense of humor B]

5 thoughts on “I realized, I have an amazing love life!!

    1. Shhh shhhh!!!
      Dont go disclosing them all, stupid. You land me in trouble.

      And you dont want me to start off with your affairs, do you? 😉
      I might wanna mention…umm…that you actually made Galaxy with Madness.
      Cmon. Does Galaxy know about her dad now?


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