The velvety black did shine,

with studded crystals bright. 

The cold night wind did blow,

to the shuddering loner’s plight. 

The steely silence broke,

once to a howling hound. 

A scuttling rat did squeak,

to treble the silenced sound. 

A shout, a thud , a crash,

The still did stir to a spouse’s strife. 

Though, lovers walked in blissful ignorance,

dreaming awake to be man and wife. 

To a poet’s words, the moon did blush,

shying behind a blackened veil.

Across the shimmering, winking stars,

a lonely cloud did sail. 


And Sleep didn’t crawl with me to sleep,

I was awake on a night as such.

All my brain did was writhe and weep,

and unrest thoughts didn’t help much.

I shut my eyes, I counted sheep.

But my rumbling brain

never seemed to care.

I tossed and turned in silence, while

mockingly, it slept in the air.

So, I sat at the window with ink and sheet,

trying to put myself to use.

Hoping that some words would meet,

to fulfill a hungry poet’s muse.

What caught my eye

on that sleepless night,

was a guiding star,

and its promising light.

“Oh, is it sheer coincidence

that I should miss you tonight?

Or mere wishful thinking

that you too, might

be thinking of me

with the star in sight?”

“But I think you are not, and the thought is scary.

Though hope is high, I’m still quite wary.

‘Cause hoping hurts, and because I know

If empty voids were heavy,

then that’s what my heart does carry…”

“Oh, I’m delving deep,

and whiling time,

trying to hide the fears,

in a stupid rhyme. “

And thoughts haunted me,

so I said: “Before my eyes get teary red,

I guess, I’d better go to bed.”

(But I couldn’t sleep and stayed up that night,

putting my tousling thoughts upright)

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