In our pursuit of finding happiness in life, we forget being a human sometimes. We become a prison to ourselves. A prison of walls.

Our definitions of joy change as we grow, as we know. But at the end of the day, we fall or rise because of our emotions and feelings. And they remain our biggest weakness….

‘Cause they are something we can’t escape. So what do we do? We build walls around us… around the abyss of flaws we own.

Walls are abound.
Walls are around.
Hiding what?
Gaurding whom?
Alas, nothing but lonliness,
nothing but a grief profound.

Walls are made.
new winds, forbade.
to wait till storms subside?
Alas, they are but stale breath
killing the human inside.

Walls are built
to facade the sin.
They are like daggers,
breaching deep within.

To break them is to let demons run…
to save them,
feel the bricks
and push the loose one.


special credits to thegirlwhonevergrowsup 🙂

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