22nd January 2017

Well, old comarade, I’m back in your arms. 

Can you see the yearning in my eyes? The longing to be held, to let go, to be understood, and relieved from the effort to be standing on my own feet. 

Will you hold me? Take me? When I have been so unfaithful to you…left you at the top most, most untouched shelf of my book rack? Abandoned you to live between old forgotten dreams that once used to hold me together and weave all parts of me as one-towards the same motivations… 

With my heart heavier, still becoming more so with every breath gone…would you still stay by the side of my bed? Would you take me when I can’t do that myself? When I can’t be as beautiful as I am, as wonderful as I have always been? 

When my universe is reduced to a few spaces of vacuum filled holes, would you still let me exist? Pretending that I am still composed of galaxies? 

Old friend, stay close… 

Take my hand onece again. 

I shall need you more than before. 

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