Here I am. Standing on the very edge.

All it takes is a single push. And I’ll not resist. 

I will let go.

Look. My feet trace the rugged contours of the cliff. Tender skin is enough to rub off loose gravels and send them plummeting down… 

I can almost hear it call me. The vast nothingness is calling. It’s calling me so lovingly. It promises to rest my breaking, dying will.

Single push. I will let go.

The heaviness is burdening itself… emphasizing its dreaded existence. “Weightless… I will make you feel weightless. Come to me…”

It’s calling. It’s comforting.

It’s irresistible.


Here I am. Standing on the very verge.

Tears have freed themselves. They are trying to teach me. Teach me how to let it go. How easily they tip over the ends of my eyes… how easily they overcome all barriers I put.

The wind is gently moving over me. Maneuvering my thoughts, weakening my knees. “Give in.. let go…stop struggling. Let me take you there… let me cushion the heaviness of your head. Let me embrace your exhaustion. Let me dry all tears, you are yet to weep…”

It’s calling, comforting.

The wind is pushing me.

Single push.

I will let go.


Here I am. Standing, indecisively posed.

There you are. Looking from a distance. What are you doing there? Making a plan to save me? Or waiting for it to happen?

Don’t just stand. Help me. 

Single push.

Gentle does it…

Like a whisper… like a single dying throb. 

One push, is all I want.

Gift me this soft embrace, this gentle gesture…

Let it be the lightest touch, I feel the most. 


It’s calling… comforting.

Single push. I’ll not resist. 


8 thoughts on “I’ll not resist

  1. Even if it the surface is hard it can be alluring..fear of heights for me is not merely the vertical distance factor, it’s looking down imagining the incredible sense of falling dizzy (I like being dizzy) freely thru the sky.-the fear u may jump regardless.

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