Another restless night 

​…and when I close my eyes tonight again,  wait for whispers of sleep,  I know I might not hear a sound,  And my eyes will lay awake and weep.  . It’s just another restless night,  Another time I won’t sleep sound, But maybe if I dream of you,  It might feel like you’re still around.  . So stay close, all thoughts of you,  And fuss … Continue reading Another restless night 

Rain and wind 

​And now while the wind blows the last specks of a rainshower,  My face freckled in bliss and distracted reality,  I know I have a mind to carry and a heart too heavy,  But it’s the soul that speaks and needs me to stay another second before I go A second for a single thought of times and all pretty things.  Like rain,  and wind  … Continue reading Rain and wind 

The dose

A thousand words endeared again  To a rusted pen and a poet’s muse. Withering verses settled in synchrony  Within reason and thought’s contours. Vagrant, vacant words sound More sense than their silences.  These quartets cohere to meanings  And flit in familiar nuances. The flux of flowing thought  The flutter of a shy and queer emotion  Coalesce to concoct, again  My dose of poetic magical potion.  … Continue reading The dose

A walk…

Walking through me Is a form of myself Utterly lost, and searching. Looking for nothing. Walking through me I find muses strewn In sighs and tears Betrayed and broken. Talking of nothing. Walking through me In the flow of my blood I miss the drift of warmth Of love. All lost for nothing. Walking through me Myself in forms And myself, formless A thread to … Continue reading A walk…