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Eversince I was a little girl, I’ve dreamt of a day when words I wrote would adorn someone’s bookshelf, when I would a hold a book I’ve myself authored.

Now that I’m not little anymore, my dreams seem far fetched and whispy as the clouds. The sheer amount of people who write and are read and loved for what they write makes me feel tiny and imperceptible.

I always ask myself, if I’m ready to try for a publication. But then, I never am. I know I never will be. And I also realise that if I keep waiting for it, this one life I call mine will go in vain. I don’t want to die regretting that I didn’t try.

For all of you who have read my work and seen me change through words, I have been an obscure blogger who won’t even write under her own name. But even then, I believe you are the best judge to all that I’ve put for you to read. So, of you I only ask if I should…simply put, venture forth and compile my poems in a book? Do you think it is worth trying for at this point? Would you, as a reader like the idea of a book if poetry that I’ve written?

I look forward to all your views and opinions. I hope I can find a clearer picture in the light of your critique.

Thank you,

ComplexlyMe 🙂

9 thoughts on “Thinking a bit about this…

  1. Absolutely – yes. I’ve actually done the same, and my book is at the typesetting phase.

    Whether you end up in print or stay digital only, it’s worth doing. It’s gratifying to pull all your stuff together into a neat package that, hopefully, others will appreciate.

    It’s a legacy you leave – regardless of how many (or few) people end up getting the book.

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  2. I dare you to. I dare you to completely submerge into the ink of your making and be tossed about by every wave and calm stream. I dare you to despise the audience’s acceptance or rejection until they come to you in kinship of traveling the same road of authenticity. I dare you to forsake fear for the love of poetry. Hugs~

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  3. My teacher once said that successful writers are those ,who craft their art based on their own experiences.They write for themselves without paying much attention to the readers.If you feel your work reflects your true feelings and is not influenced by other people’s perceptions,then in my opinion you are ready

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