​I dream, I dream of 

pretty things and darker places 

Dream of formless people

and well known faces 

Visions shut deep and closed inside

I dream often, by the night 

And think of muses and tales

with open eyes in daylight 

Many a dreams I own 

In this awry head of mine

But none as lovely and lot 

And as dear to me as thine. 

I dream of moonlight, beaches

Of walks and talks, our hands entwined

These thoughts of whispery nights and love 

Encased in starlit wishes, designed.

I dream of sunny days and times 

Of smiles sparkling with delight

I think of your ringing laugh, I dream

I dream of your eyes, merry and bright

Slow dancing with the music of life, 

Darling, I dream of all my times with you 

Candlelit desires, and shimmering moments

Framed photographs, where all smiles are true. 

I dream, I dream of your shape and soul, 

And fall deeper in love with every night gone,

I think of you, I think of us, 

Every day, each night, all dusk, all dawn. 

Image result for lovers in moonlight painting

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