I’m on a train, typing this bit out of an overwhelming urge of expression. But unlike my recent posts about being on trains and travelling, this isn’t about me, or my thoughts and muse. 

It’s about this man sitting beside me. He looks like any guy aged somewhere between 25 to 30, spectacled and fairly built. 

I’ve for long been engrossed in my novel and with earphones plugged in I know little of the world outside. But this gentleman over here motioned me to take off my earphones- he wanted to say something.

 He said that the men sitting on the side berth had been talking some obscene shit about me and that he heard them talk in a regional dialect thinking no one would understand what they said. He asked me not to worry and call upon him if I felt uncomfortable in any way because of them, told me to think of him as a brother and trust him with it. 

I remember hot blood flushing into my head and ears upon hearing that. I sat straight, wrapped my scarf around my chest and upon seeing that this guy gave me an assuring smile and said these people shouldn’t worry me at all. 

In a while I got back to my book and relaxed again. And for once, I felt grateful and glad that this man was sitting here beside me. I felt reassuring that people like this exist and care enough to let their genuineness and goodness be known. 

The nice guy later on said that his dad was in the army and he knew some serious shit about knocking people down. 😅😅

I’m never openly personal on my blog but I wanted to share this out of a sudden instinct. 
So here is to the helpful and nice man, to women who are being objectified, and to all the good intentions and care that exists in the heart of humanity. 

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