I was urged to write since the moment today, about half hour ago, while I was sipping from a papercup of tasteless chai* in the college canteen. The point of time when my spectacles fogged from the vapours of the ten rupee chai, and my vision blurred temporarily into a trance- I knew I had to write. 

Momentarily, all noises had turned into a mindless static and people became a blur of motion. I felt so easily suspended again into the fluid state of being where my thoughts, my palpable flesh and the air around were undifferentiated. 

In a minuscule moment, I had thought of the winds and stars, of humans and feelings, about change, chaos, coexistence and conflict. My mind juggled extremities of collapse and creation, my emotions vacillated between numbness and cataclysms. 

It felt as if my heart would swell out of my body, and that the top of my head would explode. 

All this, in the flash of a second- and I knew it had to be written of. 

So, here goes to the measly papercup chai that broke my little writer’s block. 

Cheers. 🙂 

*Chai refers to Tea in Hindi 

3 thoughts on “Chai 

  1. I think u should thank that chai heartbreaker..this is beautiful stuff sis..just a lively journey thru ur lovely soul..I’ve been numb to such serendipities for about a year but I feel them knocking on my battered door again…I better let em in…

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