The mountain air, my sniff of high

Trenches, dips and curves the rides of amusement 

Pour my heart down a valley, into a stream of sigh

Watch it bungee jump, with no attachment. 

The foaming mouths of the ocean waves by the beach

My skin dipping on its wonder 

Feet inches deep in the depth of sand 

Sink deeper, deeper- here’s my gambling plunder

Drunk, I’m drunk by the morning’s rise, 

When I have been sipping on moonlight all night 

Catch me, here I stumble to a song in my soul, 

My eyes must be hazed in love, everything feels just right 

The euphoria is bubbling in me, 

Oh, wasn’t I drugged silly on the wind 

Through my flushed face, my blood 

Its resonating high with my hair, entwined. 

I thrive on this addiction, 

Gulp, gamble, gather- over and over. 

With this living breath and loving heart

Where’s the need to be sober?

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