Hello readers, 

So here ends another year in my search for meaningful words, thoughtful phrases, mindful expression… 

Though I don’t know how far I have succeeded, I do believe these Flaws in my Abyss have found a reason to survive. 

There have been all kinds of times. Times when I couldn’t stop the cataclysm of words in my head, times when I didn’t find anything but vacuum in my thoughts, times when I have felt distant to my own words, or when my words have been all that remains. 

Through thick and the thin, through better and the worse… this blog has been my ultimate source of solace. The one thing that I’d always fall back on, the one place I always return to and find peace. 

It has given me a parallel being. 

It has lent me an alternate existence. 

It has been me, of me, about me, for me, by me. The perfect reflection of my identity. 

I’m glad, that two years back I took the spontaneous decision of forming this Abyss of Flaws. And I am even more sure now, I will never regret. 

That’s all for now. 

Thank you all for investing your time and heart to listen to what my words have to say… thank you for being spectators to the becoming of my soul, for being active commenters, for reading anonymously, for reaching out and reading between my lines. 

Here’s to all of you wonderful people, to words and their magic, to expression, to belief, to love, life and passion…

Here’s to two years of experience. 


Complexlyme 🙂

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