In blankets of deep bliss

I would lay undone in a mess

Of words, of tears and smiles alike

A bundle of life, undressed.

Encased in the depths of you,

And clutched between your arm

my broken pieces safely tucked

Melt into one, away from harm.

Buried pain recovers to weep

And seep away in

the synchrony of our breaths

And my soul seems

alive again, after

a million deaths

Through my brimming eyes

I would hope to fill your empty voice

All of me, in you hand I’d place

My sadness, longing, and latent rejoice.

The warmth of flesh and

weight of bone

The sunken grief and

joy- unborn

The long gone time and

woven dreams

The sound of laughter and

lonely screams

Yours unto me

And mine into yours

Encased in the hold

Of my arms in yours.

Breaths colliding

And hearts in similar beat

In the cold of the weather

And the moments in heat.

With my eyes closed

What I would see…

I’m lying with a smile,

And you are close to me.

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