​Here is another midnight indulgence of my insctrutible thoughts that infest my sleep-laden eyes tonight.. 
When all these yeux dream sweet

And peace is settled upon their temples 

I watch as pity is scrunched on my brow

Where an unwept longing tramples. 
To be wept or to be a muse

This night is indecisive 

Of its own temper
And the dying of the last light 

Of a late reader of books is nulled

I lie aware of each moment gone

Where each tick of time is lulled
Silence engulfs my suffering sleep

And yet awakens a song of grief

And I am robbed of the little ease 

And my muse itself, the insolent theif. 
Wherefore shall I proceed

Which this awry head of mine 

Therefore shall I impede 

All  comforts where my sleep reclines. 
If not spend in slumber

This night

Shall be testimony to 

A tumultuous tale
Of the entangled stories 

Upon unswept floors 

Of my mind 

Set afar in aimless sail.

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