I’m again rusty with poetry but dying to express too


You just want to be known. You want your love to be held and cherished… To be deserving the arms of warmth and reciprocation. 

But at the end of the day… All you really do is compose a bit of broken words… Not worth a bit of effort your heart puts to let it all out… The words are simply specimen of feeble attempts. 

It is as if writing without vowels. Writing without ink. Crying without a tear. 

It is an angst with no way out. 

It is called heartbreak.  

9 thoughts on “In love, and out of it.. 

  1. Expressing is what has to be done even if the poetry isn’t flowing naturally…
    What always touches me is when someone expresses their deep emotions through words…
    Did a great job here.. 😊👍🏼

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