Hopes in the past make way, 

For dreams of mornings-alseep.

Upon the belief of yesterday is buried

The seeds you’ve sown to reap. 

For all the times there are to come, 

And all stories yet to be told

Love and hope and belief 

Makes life possible to thus unfold. 


Let’s fill this Christmas with the hope of being, becoming, giving, and loving.

Because, to breathe one must be.

To live one must become. 

To become one must give. 

And yes, because when you’ve lost every thing… All you have to give is love. 

And that, is created within us, for us and of us. 

Give, because love is always the answer. 
A merry, warm Christmas to all. 😊

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, dear readers 

  1. Sorry, but “To everything there is season..a time for peace and a time for war”…we must prepare for the latter here in the US,
    To save our people and our country, it’s a dirty business but necessary if we wish to remain safe and free-and only warriors need apply

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