​Silken lies that cloak my mind

Enveloping pits of flaws 

and soaking sighs
Are drenched again 

In this fluid sadness

Are quenched again 

with strewn madness
Silken words that 

wrap my heart 

Falter again and fall apart

Leaving me as 

a sum of memories

Lying loose upon 

collapsing theories. 
Beliefs and reason 

bore through 

the empty vastness

of my being

Making holes 

for flaws to seep. 

Theives of joy and love 

stand oping at 

my windows of hope 

Leaving the lights 

in a rancid heap. 
Where I stand uncovered 

and bared to the ground

There moans the sound

of a buried hurt
Where I breathe 

exposed to the air

There the wind 

brings latent pain
What I see in 

conscious light

Is what I fear 

to relay to my mind 

What I hear 

clear as crystal

Is what makes most 

gibberish in my head.
What I say is what I’m fearing

What I’m feeling is what i dread

What I know is all I want to forget
What I live for is what breaks me 
What I give is all I have. 

5 thoughts on “Drowning words on a lonely night

      1. Are u ok?? Ur silence concerns me..I know u r in a transition period but just check in once in awhile..my world has become overly burdened with my brothers constant, ever expanding demands even as he appears to be improving. I’m going crazy!!!


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