12th November 2016

Here I’m sitting in a place full of people and their voices.

Voices of every kind.
Happy voices
Tensed voices
Voices conflicting each other
Voices muffled
Voices too loud to be deciphered

I have the earphones plugged in.
Soft songs.. blaring into my ear.
Beautiful lyrics simply cloaking the cacophony of the voices.

But that’s not what I want to block.
Not these voices.

The voice in my head.

It speaks without a tongue
I can’t help but understand with pain what it says in no language.

No sound. Yet it deafens me to the bones.

Obscuring the words… Like blotted ink… It spreads out like a huge sea of sinking silences.
Silences consumed by turbulence of evaccuated thoughts.
Vacuum in the storms
And waves in the placidity.

Ironies are conspired in the trenches of my heart.
Paradoxes live in the havens of conspired ironies.
My breath feels infiltered by the consuming heaviness of another seamless muse.

While i sit here rubbing my eyes as if it would staunch the wounds of my tears.

While I sit here trying to decipher the uncertainty of the muse and my vagrant thoughts.

While people think I’m texting some friends.

I’m simply sitting here in the company of a song I use to shut my own thoughts.

I’m summing up a day in misery.

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