I just take the chance of finding solace that I can talk to people even when they can’t hear.
I can talk when they’re miles away.
I can talk when they do not live.
And my words don’t feel like a waste of breath.
I am the guardian of my own thoughts when I don’t have to present them in words, and in myself I am free.. free to feel, to be, to become..
In myself is the world I seek, and the world I am yet to know.
This perplexing existence of me and the fiery stars glowing where only my vision and my dreams reach… the existence of the both in a parallel dimension, and over shared history of descent…and continuing together-however large, however insignificant, into the laps of oblivion and the wombs of rebirth…
This gives me a reason to be.
And be a part of the whole, and that of nothing.
To be immersed thus into the Maker, by being coherent with the paradoxes and extremes, and consisting of both when I receive the end and the beginning at the same.
I have my reason. 
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