I don’t have any particular epiphany today. And I’m rather slow with thoughts…but that’s alright. Maybe sometimes, life takes time to respond however frantic your breathing might be.
Maybe, just maybe, it tries to sleep awake sometimes
tries to dream with the eyes wide open
tries to reason wild thoughts and tamed emotions with insomnia
just maybe?
or why would this numbness engulf and encroach me inside out
and outside in for that matter.
why would I be senselessly rambling at the middle of the night?
because, because..
like madness is the glory of life
said Shakespeare..
and madness do I breathe
yet I write and read words
that my beliefs impede
such feeble lies in cloaks of reason
on fabled pillar of logic stand
and through all ravaging and raging treason
my structured life, doesn’t understand
what was born from another being
and brings more to breathe thus
cannot live apart, in strained solitude…
cannot become just ‘i’ from ‘us’..
hands to clasp
and eyes to weep
there are more reasons
to see than to sleep
and so I’m awake on a starless night
weaving words from null in the light
would you, would listen close?
if my words be a whisper,
and my voice be hoarse?
from the tongue of grief if I shall wear another word
would you still patch it, if it was more unsure than absurd?
with this wilful mouth of mine
if have I uttered ever of hate…
forgive the follies of a sinful heart,
and its yet taunting, trailing trait.
someday when I would drink more love
and come home with a merry smile
the belly of lies would staunch its wounds
and sing of sweetness, foreverwhile.
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Hello readers,
It’s been long since I’ve written here. I just joined in a college, and the schedules have been quite hectic! This one was an old random scribble lying in my draft… So, just a weak attempt to catch up with you people again?
Haha, hope all of you are well and healthy.
And hope I’ll be able to write and read here more often and soon!
Till the next time, then!
keep that smile. 🙂

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