Escaping in the night


The night, my only escaping flaw,

threatens thoughts to darker hue.

Escaping all that the shut eyes saw,

leaves only shadows running through. 



18 thoughts on “4 Line Lyric #56

    1. The night always understands silence. And silence seems to be the answer to all questions, that i am asked.

      Hello mel, ive been… well… in this cycle. Just waiting for it to end. There’s not much to talk about, or share… therefore im not indulging in meaningless chat with anyone as much as i can. I hope you understand this… for i believe you know where i have been in and through.


      1. I guess we’re gonna do this here..ok fine..I don’t mind an audience. Yes, I do know what ur going thru..VERY WELL..but to isolate urself from those who care will not get u thru it any faster..u do whatever the hell u want, like u do..even n my darkest days I made room for those I cared for. Even if it meant repeating the same thing over and over cuz it was a valuable release and it relieved my torment knowing someone cared..u apparently r beyond such parameters. I have always empathized with u, up to this point. U need professional help, not endless expounding on your downward spiral. Waiting for the cycle to end?? It’s been ongoing for months!!! This is no longer a cycle, it’s a state of being and u’d better find a way to get ur ass out of it–u r waiting precious time.:


  1. U see, when u hurt so does everyone who cares about u..u r not all alone in this, we’ve all been down there with u..affected by ur moods, suffered with u..but if u push everyone away, they will eventually stay that way–AWAY


  2. Now, I’m going to go take some pics so I too don’t fall into that dark, empty abyss..that’s what a nomad does–they know when to get outta their own fkn way


  3. If u don’t learn this, and soon, u will not only be in the desert, u will BE that fkn desert…all dry sand, dead and bleached skulls, and prickly cactus…a place no one visits, they just speed thru..get ur fkn act together–u r waisting the gift of life the goddess gave u-and if u don’t pull itself out, she will surely take it all away


  4. proselytizing is complete..but I’ve learned one thing from’s up to me to embrace life, to create life, to find a way to enjoy and appreciate life..and sometimes it doesn’t come to u on the wings of a dove–u gotta work for it baby


  5. We all have to deal with burdens, adversities–it is the way we learn valuable lessons, in short, it is the way the gem is is up to u if u r polished or broken..yes, I’m finally outta gas here


    1. i am living my life well enough, Mel.
      you really need to stop worrying so much.
      Writing about it… not only helps me get things clear in my head and pour out all the mess, but might also help others who read it find solace in the fact that they arent alone in feeling what they do.
      thats all…
      please dont worry okay?


  6. I don’t really know why am I typing this here, but I was listening to this song from a movie and simply felt like writing to you and so here I am.
    Watch ‘Lootera’, just the second half of the movie if you wish, but watch it with all your capacity – absorb it. let it exhaust you.
    better still, just listen to the songs, not the videos, just the music and the lyrics – listen to manmarziyan, I do, each time I feel something that is unknown to me – listen to manmarziyan, once, twice, maybe thrice, and tell me how do you feel about it.

    Common Man

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    1. yes that movie is on my mind eversince i listened to the songs…
      the songs seem to resonate with some ancient, quiet, weird part of me..
      especially, zinda… and yes, manmarziyan…
      i’m glad you decided to share this thought with me…
      i’m just done with some hefty bit of life (exams!).. and i might indulge for sometime now.. 🙂
      thanks! and really, so sweet of you.


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