This is for everybody… for anybody

For once, my words mean what they are, and only that. No disguised metaphors, no heavily laden phraseology, not a single abstraction, or allegory would I place in your read today.

Because, for once…

I write to confess, and not express,

I write to speak, and not be read,

I write to be understood, and not be mused,

I write to say, and not to mystify,

I write… with a voice, that needs a hand to be penned to paper…

…a hand to pick up lost battles, and to bury the ravages away.

…to support collapsing bones, and mend their breakages.

…to wipe tears, to hold on to whatever feels like left.


Lend me a hand up, this mess is sucking me in…

I feel drained.

…Anyone…. I’ll be glad.

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