Sin and Guilt


In impious minds, where ties

of sin and guilt are severed, 

Mercy is never forgiven, 

where the regret, is not revered. 



5 thoughts on “4 Line Lyric #49

  1. Hi hey! This is Common Man Diaries reading Complexly Me. He has been reading you for long. Has been awed by your writing, but doesn’t really know what to type here. He senses pain somewhere, maybe unhappiness, or maybe this is just a veil – that Complexly Me is so good at writing all of this that it feels so real to him. He writes this to make sure which of his assumption is true. You know he wishes to read you without a baggage. You know he may lend in an ear for you to say things – there would be no harm – Common Man Diaries may well be anyone, just like Complexly Me.

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    1. Hello there! Common Man Diaries might’ve lifted a curl or two up Complexly Me’s lip. 🙂
      Words, well, are all that there is from her to you… to anyone who wants to read.
      And they remain, both fortunately and sadly the only way to express… whether it is pain, or unhappiness.

      But what really matters is that she feels blessed to have an insightful reader cross her ways.This Common Man has been like an unexpected yet awaited gust of fresh wind from somewhere safe.

      this comment felt like a tiny far away star that shines thru the smoke of inevitability of the dark… arousing the hope of survival even when the dawn seems to far away.

      And your assumptions might not all be true.. or they might all be… idk myself..
      But all I know is that, there are two kinds of writers… one who write to be read, and one who write… because they cant help it. I think, i happen to be the latter.
      Writing is almost like an instinct to survive… so maybe, I guess, the Common Man, reads more than just words to be seeing more than a little too much in the depths of this abyss of flaws. And for that, I have high regard of you. 🙂

      Keep writing and reading..
      because maybe, your words already have done more than what a patient ear, or kind words could do.

      And tbh, when i read through your blog yesterday… somewhere a small lost little part of me felt like living again.. the part that only craves for simple joy in common phenomenon… like the smile of a small kid, or a dreamy little cottage’s drawing, or maybe some everyday epiphanies you shared.
      thanks, and cheers!


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