it’s hard to feel the breeze,

when it leaves empty voices in you,

it’s not easy, to keep the smile,

when the reasons to it are really few.


i know, there’s struggle running your way,

but courage, my dear,

cry another day.


doesn’t come easy, this life, you know,

i have seen it so, and so have you,

it’s never been smooth, this rough sailing, when

it’s the raving winds, you’ve to cut through.


it’s quite rough, when times betray,

but resilience, my dear,

cry another day.


colours mean so less, when all you see

is monochrome, dark, gray, or blue

and it doesn’t really suffice to hear,

that hope will bring, life back to you.


and all seems lost, and feels astray,

but patience, my dear,

cry another day.


failure triumphs over motives, at times,

and sun dawns without meaning to rise,

it feels like the end, you’ll not want to try,

tears stream down, you vacant eyes.


you’ll be scared, when the storm’s at bay,

but belief, my dear,

cry another day.


you’ll make it till the end,

till the ends of dismay.

stay strong, my dear,

cry another day.


life is playing, and you’re in the game,

so rave, so run,

make well your mark.

life is blazing, and you’re in the flame,

so blaze, so burn,

shine through the dark.


life will break,  but you must stand,

people mock, they won’t understand,

but you, my dear, will hold on,

stay high,

’cause, today is not,

when you’ll cry.

21 thoughts on “Cry another day

    1. thank you vidisha… its great to hear from you after so long. 🙂
      i’m glad i could deliver what i really wanted to.
      people need hope. and there’s no better way one can serve humanity through poetry, i believe.

      oh and your photography is getting more awesome day after day!
      stay amazing. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s equally great to hear from you. 🙂
        There’s nothing more beautiful than the power of poetry. It has such a therapeutic effect.
        And. Thank you for your kind words. You words always make me smile. Stay amazing. All the best for your exams. x

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Ok.. I love the expressive sentiments here..BUUUUTTTT..I say, CRY TODAY, , Casper. Tomorrow may be too late. U don’t flush a clog with restraint or piling on more sediment–but with the release of streams and oceans and torrents, of YES, TEARS!!! Cry a river and it will take u home😎😉👍🏽💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sometimes, we cant really afford that mellie.
      it’s hard, but it passes. its hope im looking for right now…
      and crying for it, doesnt help… it doesnt help when you cry locked in a room and when no one will ever come to know that you cried.

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      1. Not all battles waged, and raged, alone r effective..and crying alone can be therapeutic too–I rarely cry in front of others..In those instances I cry for me, not’s a release Casper

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      2. I understand–it is your path and u will find ur own way..I simply worry about u..I’m throwing anything and everything on your wall to see what sticks.. U should have hope, u have much reason to be hopeful..I never meant to underestimate that quality..


    1. there’s the very reason mellie why i stayed off. i dont want to do this to you.
      listen, you be well okay? i care lots about you, and you know that. i know you can really turn to a tornado once in a while but i know what a beautiful woman you are and that i need you too.
      so you take care, mellie. im going to stay ashore for more time.

      Liked by 1 person

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