As i fell,
and fell beyond the reach of light
of stars that tethered my life, and fell..
fell deep into the past and into oblivion- my future.
my love, i found myself redeemed
by a light that shone, none like what i’d known.
And since then, i knew, I was yours.
Since that day.
As i escaped,
from skies and paradises,
into secrets and hidden truth,
into sighing whispers of grief,
for i had lost myself, far from breath’s relief.
you found me, running away from
faith and trust and love’s belief.
And my eyes had only dreamt of yours.
Since that day.
As i broke,
beyond repair of scars stitched
in clumsy haste,
beyond the smiles i fashioned
from pretense,
and broke to crumbling definitions of
love and sense.
the scattered muse, and untied verses
my half hearted beats,
i had encased,
were saved, my love, were
saved by you, and by the gentle smiles
that you had placed.
Since that day.
So love,
i choose to close my eyes.
and walk down any cliffs, your hand in mine,
i choose to stay, in this mad race against forever,
for i know, with you, i’ll be just fine.
So love,
love me till love finds a way,
to escape the fervor of our hearts.
And escape, yet find no way out, unless,
it’s eternity, my love,
or forever.

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