50 Follows!

To all of you beautiful people… 


Thank you for all the appreciation, likes, comments…

and above all…  for acceptance.


Not all can accept the Abyss of flaws that I have created here…neither can everyone know what the darkness of the abyss might hide…or what light would illuminate the flaws…

Alas, it is only very true… that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…


Thus, to all of you beautiful people…

I will continue to write myself down in worded flaws,

in faltering rhythm,

in broken verses…

in hope that one day, a soul will be called beautiful for its flaws, not for the perfections…


In pursuit of changing definitions of beautiful,




15 thoughts on “Following the flaws…

  1. This is such a beautiful thought, to see imperfections in such a positive light. They make us who we are.
    I can see the vulnerability in your words and I love it.

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    1. Vulnerability…
      yeah, that’s the word.

      I’ve always been so when fabricated in words… unveiled, uncovered…
      a person is best known by the words he/she employs.

      that being my motive, to start a blog… is accomplished in this observation.
      Thank you. 😀

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      1. It takes guts to be vulnerable out there, to let people show the real you behind the layers. I can relate to this too. Maybe that’s what enabled me to make this observation.
        I think it’s beautiful. Every bit of it.
        And. The pleasure is mine. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations! I know you’ll only gain more and more readership. Your writing is thought-provoking and beautiful. I’m so glad to be following along.

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  3. Hey there! I have nominated you for the ‘one lovely blog award’! Hope you know what a brilliant blog you have. For more details, kindly visit my blog and check out the latest post on it. Hope you have a wonderful day ahead. 🙂

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  4. We d not love people for their strengths…we love them for the soft places..what some consider weaknesses can indeed be strengths..these r the what connect us to others..the open doors through which energy and love are allowed to penetrate..and, sis, u r very beautiful and lovely..

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