yes, i am


for i have loved

what all have fear’d

i have embraced

what no one near’d

i have been in dark

where naught would


i have stolen starlight

all that in my



i won’t hide the 

painted guilt

that streaks as

tears on my face.

for they contain

the treasure, i

have for so long been


i have

for so long

been keeping

well curtained

in velvet folds

of the deepest


in glittering eyes

where many sleepless




am i stained

to the color of 

where i have lived

i have

lived in the


and breathed when

all snore


i have seen with open


of what all dream

with them

shut tight


am i accused 

of saying untruth


those who think at


are called

stray dreamers


their mystic muses

reasoned as



the words i pen

in null lighted hopes

hopes, that

some eyes awake at


could read it

without the need

of light


and know

why my craving to sin

is but

a reason

to be alive


and know

that my hollowed eyes

still shine in the dark

’cause there’s another star

 in need to revive…


all stars that have died 


with every broken hope

and every loose tear

shed in

silence of each night,

need another

eye that hopes

another heart

that beats with

the rhythm of their

twinkling dance


they need tears

to shine upon 

their fading beauty

to be written, inscribed

on beating hearts…


Alas, difference is in

those who sleep

to wake again

and those who sleep to

dream away

those who sleep to

lull the pain

and those awake,

for the night to stay…


those awake for 

the night to stay, 

who wait not, to hope

only in the light of day…



i am

for i have

dared to hope,

awake in Reality…

when all other have

been in their

dreamy sleep.


no wonder

sinner of the dark,

has only painted guilt

to keep.

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