You’d left me to wonder,

if I should smile any different now?

Now, that you are gone….

should another kink line

the crooked empty smile I wore?

All I wished was to see you again,

but you’d never return, you swore.


But ask if I may,

would you change your mind



My fingers trace the longing,

still nervous if I should call again,

My heart is strong, but broken beyond,

another bruising brunt of pain…


Maybe, you never forgave me

for times I fell into my own mistakes,

and now when I come to truce with flaws,

my amendments feel all that aches.


Pictures framed, for time to be fooled,

before it takes the moments away,

before silences replace the wordless joy,

we shared when Trust thought you’d stay.


A beauty bemused, at the ravages of love

that smiles but because, she has no choice

for that’s what you taught, in the days I spent,

when muses reveled in the song of your voice,

for that’s what was my resent, because

all that remained in my hollowed content.


And now, I wonder

if you smile the same,

if you’d turn to see,

should I ever call your name?


I wonder,

would you still cry,

for tarnished memories

to be cleaned of dust?

would you still sigh,

for breaths lost in

chocking back words?

would you pass-by,

if I cross your sight,

yet again?

would you grieve

for every second

we lost in vain?


And would you recognize,

if I sent you a picture,

of us,

in the happiest times together…

would you believe,

that it used

to be

what we called,



You made me wonder today,

if I should smile the same…

the same for each picture in time,

in times that you didn’t stay.


I wonder, I wonder,

should I smile the same,

for each picture of me,

you wanted once in a day.

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