10 thoughts on “Let us dream

      1. oh where do you live..where such beauty graces the hungry light of eyes?
        Stars may be in multitude… millions, trillions, infinite
        but all i see, and as long i do…
        somehow, my heart says, “doesnt suffice.”

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      2. hmm… If you see a dark blue sky filled with sparkly tiny tiny stars as the cool mountain breeze touch your cheeks and you shudder and hug your blanket a little closer marveling at the beautiful moon as the river flows switfly, would that suffice?

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      3. if i be satisfied with that… i won’t jump out of the blankets and make a run to race with the wind, to lie on cool grass, and soak the starlight… till my stars shine like one of them…

        i’ll never ever have enough of it… and that’s why it’s so precious. ๐Ÿ™‚

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