This post is for you… 

If you are a stranger, I shall keep you

like a curious gleam

among things in

my attic of thought.


If you are beautiful to my eyes, I shall keep you

like each drop of ink

that drowns my muse

in a sinking embrace.


If you are a hope,  I shall keep you

like the tender hold

of my hands,

clasped in earnest prayer.


If you are a desire,  I shall keep you

like the wistful look

at a ripened fruit, laden

but on heights of futile reach.


If you are my beloved,  I shall keep you

like the delicate reflection

of gentle moonlight

seeping in the ocean of my heart.


If you are a secret,  I shall keep you

like the tingling dance

of a stolen kiss,

upon my lips.


If you are my pride,  I shall keep you

like the showy shine

of the best brooch I wear,

on my prettiest dress.


If you are a misunderstanding,  I shall keep you

like the twitch,

in the flailing tick

of my broken watch.


If you are a regret,  I shall keep you

like the pestering ponder

that returns to me,

in my vacant moods.


If you are a foe,  I shall keep you

like the dog-eared end

of a page of each lesson,

yet to be learnt.


If you are forgotten,  I shall keep you

like the longing throb in my heart,

that awakens at the touch of fading ink,

now too old to be read.


If you are just a wanderer,  I shall keep you

Like the impulse

to smile at a passer-by

and feel the wordless joy…


Plummet… into the darkness

shaded with flaws,

So let go, let my words

fall along…

And for you,

in my Abyss I shall keep a place,

I shall thus, hold you within,



Hello, again…

So that was the last post for 2015! And such coincidence, it was my 1ooth too. 🙂 Yay. Cheers for this year… and for the year to come!

Hope all of you have a bash!

Best wishes, love and sparkles and rainbows and smiiileees for all!

I could’ve written an emotional, profound post for the 31st of December 2015… but I guess, the world would have to do without it. Haha. kidding…

Folks, thank you so much for all the awesome comments and likes and appreciation… for posting amazing things and making my boring life better with those smiles and laughter.

This year, sure was one hell of an year.

And hats off to those who survived!


signing off,

complexlyme. 🙂


5 thoughts on “The 100th Post

    1. No no.
      I can’t do that. It’s a means of living… this blog.
      Thanks mel.. you have been so much to me in this year.
      Cheers to you… and those lovely chats we have. 🙂


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