This one is for a very special friend… and thus I have named it Black Lily, her namesake being that.
 A cajolery of colour
the textures of the nuances
a hue brighter, a shade duller, 
and the whiff of fragrances.. 
… adorn the empty vases in my heart. 
But flowers, 
though namesake of beauty, 
have seemed to me 
only pretty lies hidden in colour. 
Because, as much as i treasured them.. 
the forget me nots, 
they faded, 
with time
memories eroded
the touch me nots 
at my gentle touch 
and dandelions? 
they drifted, 
to slight moods of winds 
they shifted. 
the red roses romanced, 
a love laden with thorn, 
breaching close to cloaked betrayal, 
my bleeding hearts thus, torn. 
the mistletoe denied cover, 
to a lover, bereft of love, 
passion flowers chose to evade, 
took shade, bittersweets lying above. 
the daisies, they gossiped, 
the sickly sweet lies
cardinal flowers, always preached, 
like old ladies feeling wise. 
morning glory mocked each day
traveler’s joy never seemed to stay
may flowers, may decide to walk away
honesty, always gave the way. 
snapdragons, snapped loud
though, never really saying much
wall flowers never really tried, 
to break my walls as such. 
Common tales and talks seem fake, 
the truth, it broke my heart, 
that beauty isn’t always as it seems, 
pretense cloaks the bared disrupt
between my belief, 
and the stark glare of reality. 
So i sighed… 
so i sighed…
and a black eyed susan, 
moved a little in the dying wind, 
as if to sigh with me.. 
the flower was a simple design. 
of the easiest prettiness ever found..
and beside it rose in pride, a lily, 
not fancy done with colour and frolic
but monochrome, yet deep as mystic light, 
it was black, like an opaque poetry, 
yet to be read and known. 
it looked like it had 
already cried 
the tears i was yet to weep
it moved like it could 
kiss the muse out of 
blowing wind…
it drooped like it did, 
understand the misery
my heart had burdened in 
broken streams of tears
it beckoned me as though
it could take all of my grief, 
into it’s dark 
and never let my flaws show… 
and thus, 
i confided, 
i trusted and bestowed 
to a flower 
that shall bloom in 
all seasons
of time
and memory. 
and thus, 
i began to smile again. 
for the black lily, 
and the black eyed susan 
that led me to it.  

3 thoughts on “Black Lily

  1. I’m stunned and amazed by your free verse and sensitive, evocative imagery..,and my heart is touched and embraced by every word..”thank you” doesn’t say nearly enough…u humble me and make me blush..😳🙄😍😸😎

    Liked by 1 person

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