So here, a tear breaks free, to let not the words surface.

So here, I pause a voyage..

So here, I will restrain my soul from breathing, my heart from beating.

So here, I am taking leave…

Because, passion and priority have always conflicted. 

Because, love and reason never preach the same. 

Because, realisations and expectations are always at war. 

But of course one day I’ll come back with words, and stories and poetry that my heart accumulates in the grief of this constraint and distance from my love and passion.

And that day i’m sure i’ll be bombarding the place with so many posts…!




5 thoughts on “So.. umm, last post for this year (and beyond, maybe)

  1. I give this a qualified “like” and a painful “love” cuz I will miss u so, lil sis…goodbyes are never sweet..they are empty and wilted…cuz I’ll be missing my eastern dove..but u know where to find me..I’m a nomad who never hides.:


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