That one gentle breeze, 

felt hardly

by skin too trained, 

for reality. 


Doesn’t blow you away, 

but makes a way, 

for dreamy light

to touch your gaze. 


Doesn’t speak to you, 

but seems to say,

“Stay up this night

let the tears surface.”


When dreams don’t seem


to fill hollows bereft

of love. 

Loosen the corseted 

breath of life, 

and the barbed fences

of cold and strife. 


Lose your strengths, 

and weakness, along

the musical breeze

of a bittersweet song…


Let go of the weight, 

of emotions ignored. 

Let go of the tears, 

and the wounds be cured. 


Cry for each 

unreasoned thought, 

for answers yet

to be sought. 

And don’t worry, 

they world’s asleep. 

You can cry away 

and cry a lot. 



5 thoughts on “Cry Away (but wait for the night)

      1. Well..Victorian references..corseted, bereft?? And a general restrained quality in tge piece that the period was known for.:Majesty was a bit of overstatement but I liked the sound of it so it stayed put😝


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