It’s called Sutak by Nadi Palshikar.


My friend was reading it. And prone to my habit… I couldn’t resist the urge to take it home with me. In spite of the studies.. the lack of time… It’s been so long since i’ve read. So I fought with all rationale and read it anyway.

I spent two hours reading it..the next half hour thinking… and the following three hours crying my eyes out. I cried like crazy…About the book, about every thing in my life, about the past, about the future…

This story is about every girl, every woman who’s survived through her years in India…

It’s a stream which tumbles from the struggles of the girl child… skipping and falling and taking the grief and the memories of loss, of love, of loneliness, of adventures, of desires, of disputes… taking it all along till womanhood.

Carrying the burdens of the past, the insecurities of the present, and the hopes of the future… it is the journey of every woman whose breath fought to live in the constrictions, the suppression, the pretenses, the unfulfilled dreams, the abandoned longings and the barriers of misunderstanding and untruth that she has faced because of the helpless situations of the society she lives in.

How Nadi beautifully portrays the emotions and conflicts in a woman’s heart.. how she reveals the similarities and the differences between two women (here, children of the same mother)… and the way she has addressed and put each struggle in a woman’s life in India, has nothing to be given but pure, hearty appraisal.  She has penned down the life of history that continues to make it’s mark, though in silent suffering of feminine tears…

It’s a 230 paged journey through the ignored, untold, suppressed stories of life.


and if you plan to read it… you have been warned, i cried like crazy…Now i have puffy eyes and a blocked nose. I look pathetic. huh.


4 thoughts on “I read an amazing book

  1. I had to take dog out before bed time and read this… precious boo..I want u to tell me how all this pain and agony relates to ur beautiful life that is such a rare gift..your tears r my tears boo..and I cry everyone with u…I mean it when I say u can share anything and everything with me..I’m here for u..always👌🏽💪🏾🙏🏼💓

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  2. Well… my nose becomes huge and red… and my eyes are tiny shiny slits of redness and I sob and cry..
    I look like an idiot.. haha.
    I dont like crying in front of ppl though.

    And you always give me loads to smile about. 🙂
    I can never thank you enough for that.

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