My blog recieved a hundred likes, so yay. Party!! haha.


Well, to be honest, I never meant to put this up. But I guess, I would like to have it as a record on my blog here. I’m only learning, you see.

I don’t write to be read, to be honest again. I never did. But at WordPress, I realized it’s good to be recognized, to be appreciated… I’m so glad to find so many people like me here. 🙂

And even today, sometimes I have this strange urge to make my site private, or to delete this site entirely. Maybe because I’m still not confident enough to let my work face the light of recognition, or the dark of critique. It’s an old and continuing fear… presenting myself unprotected, unveiled… in the words I write.

But thanks to sweet comments, the likes and visits to my blog… I guess, I’m growing out of the blog shyness so to say. Haha.


9 thoughts on “Yay, a hundred. :)

      1. Blogging and writing are two different things for me altogether. But when I started blogging you can say I was out of this phase you described. I was ready to show my writings, but was still nervous. Nevertheless in the beginning when I started writing, I never showed it to anyone except my own crazy eyes. And that write-ups of my initial stages, I haven’t still published. They were really bad!

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      2. C’mon! They can’t be so bad.

        yes of course. I started blogging since only april this year. But as for writing… i’ve been writing since i was a kid. Writing is more like breath and blood. No? I can’t do without it.
        I’ve always been vary of showing my stuff to ppl, many reasons to it… but now i’m quite okay with random people reading them.
        So yeah.
        And the idea of a blog was nagging me for a long time… until out of impulse i finally made this one.
        and let’s say, im more than happy 😀

        and you’re up at 12:30?

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