They are Lines…


Lines that speak of stories,

simply struck out by silence.


Lines that rest,

untold tales of grief.


Lines that part,

the voice from words.


Lines that retrace,

the tracts of streaming tears.


Lines that measure,

the distance of a heart from its beat.


Lines that show dead,

a heart still beating.


Line that liberate writhing cries,

confined and muffled by boundaries.


Lines that divide,

choices and decisions.


Lines that cross,

the fate of souls.


Lines that lead,

a directionless endurance to escape.


Lines that draw and end,

to muted suffering, suppressed tears,

a stained past, hustled fears,

hopelessness, pretense,

a chronic weakness,

and a meaningless existence.


But  alas,

They are just Lines.

lines 1

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