It’s a lake,

deep and placid. 

Touched by none. 

Hidden, it lies,

deep within the forests

that I did build myself. 

And I sleep in ignorance.

I sleep within myself. 

Oh! Knights did come. 

But they tried to cut through. 

They slashed and cut. 

And it hurt. 

Defeated, they turned back. 

Doing enough to forget what lied within. 

There were others,

who wandered, got lost. 

Could never go back or reach within. 

There were few who did reach. 

But only to quench their thirst 

and wash their fatigue. 

And they never bothered to turn. 

Though they are gone, 

their reflections still remain,

their footprints on the soil

 forever etched, marks of pain. 


thorns did replace the colored.

the soft mud went cold. 

the suns were forbidden to rise,

and stormy clouds were left to unfold. 

Darkness unfurled its many facets 

and secrets resided in the silence.

No good remained, but one

in disguise of hope. 

Hope, that no one shall near this gloom. 

No one shall see or know what it surrounds… 

and what remains is solitude. 

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