As I write today,

I feel my eyes up to the brim.

Only that now they are overflowing…

as in them immerse the memories of you.

My hair had aimlessly flown in the wind,

and you had tucked them back in.

But today, I have no one to pull me back,

I’m flowing away in the turbulence…

anchored by only the memories of you.

Back then, when my flesh had cried

I had you to staunch the wounds.

But today, my heart bleeds alone,

and I have nothing left, 

just the memories of you.

We’d never needed words to converse

and we knew the look in the other’s eye.

But now, my eyes don’t look 

and my voice is stabbed by silence. 

My throat lumps over the memories of you. 

If I had cried, you were there

to wipe my tears and make me smile.

Today, I won’t cry…as the tears would push away,

the smile I have when I think of the memories of you. 

When I’d needed to know that I had you,

you’d lend me your shoulder.

Today, I feel my own collapsing

under the weight of loneliness

and the memories of you. 

I would never hold hands

(they are clammy).

But today, they’re parched of love

and there’s no one to hold them.

The fear of losing rides me,

so I withdraw my hands from gaining more

 and hold on to what I have. 

And all I have, is the memories of you. 

You just had to know

and you’d take all the gloom away,

in that one tight hug…

Today, I lie in a corner 

and clutch myself,

and cry over the memories of you. 

I can’t decide of my head hurts more 

or if my heart aches harder…

all I know is that they’ve melted into one. 

And they can feel and think 

of only the memories of you. 

So carelessly I’d said goodbye when we parted. 

I should have held on, I should have never turned. 

Now I can’t even bid adieu, 

all I can do is dwell over

the memories of you. 

They waft through my mind, 

like the sweet fragrance of a morning flower. 

And I adorn it with my tears,

they shine upon it like drops of dew…

and my hazy thoughts bloom into, the memories of you. 

But if my reward is to endure alone,

then alone it shall be. 

Till the last breath.

Because the fact that you exist,

and might be thinking of our times together…

is enough for me to go on.

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