Distance makes no difference,

they’d say…

’cause the love resides in a heart.

Distance is no reason,

they’d say…

to lament over a story

that ended before a start.

Distance only makes one fonder,

of home and the past,

Distance only makes the winds flow yonder,

blowing the tears till the dread would last.

Distance is in the mind,

hath it nothing to do with love,

Distance is for that heart,

which puts unfaith and mistrust above.

Thus would say the one,

who never had been away,

who had never been snatched from the warmth of home,

who’d not seen his cries go stray,

Thus would say the one

who’d not been…

so so far away.

Distance is only a mirror,

in which i see myself…

I see my eyes look blank,

devoid of hope,

devoured by fear.

Im crying, but you cant see me,

Im screaming but you cant hear.

It hits hard, and im crumbing in the pain,

Im trembling midst the chaos,

like tears in the rain.

Distance is blissful ignorance,

Distance makes joy untainted by guilt.

Distance is but a hindrance,

a veil over the blood been spilt.

Distance is apocalypse, my cognizance.

Distance is an augury.

It sings to me a truthful song.

That I must live…

for i have a borrowed  heart to return,

a heart…

that i have kept for too long.

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