This is something I had written as a comment (which was never published) on a blog post , but it turned out to be, well, this… 

Sometimes, a ‘three hundred words’ aren’t needed to express the expanse of our thoughts.

Sometimes, a ‘three hundred words’ can’t even explain a speck of this vast galaxy of madness….

Sometimes, you need to be a human to understand,

though sometimes even humans don’t understand each other.

Sometimes people fight alone…

but mostly, they are too lonely to even fight.

Sometimes, pain becomes to hard to endure,

but then, the pain is my addiction.

Sometimes, escape becomes the only option,

so I retire into the darkness,

or is it that my eyes are too used to the dark,

not accustomed enough to see hope shining through?

is it that I’ve closed my eyes too tight,

that I cant even see the new joy filtering through?

or maybe ive built my walls too strong.

that the sunshine can’t even reach me…..

There are millions out there…

who suffer more  and who are all alone.

there are thousands out there….

who can’t listen to their own cries,

who are bound by their own helplessness,

who wish to hope but don’t get any.

And here I am,

with my own sack of stupid miseries.

and here I stand,

upon all the joy in world, and yet I cry.

I have been bequeathed with the best

yet I choose to rot in my own pessimism,

I get to breathe the most fragrant air,

yet I exhale my stories of despair.

I have the love one needs to live,

and im an idiot ‘cause I,

cant be good enough to deserve it.

New light stands to embrace me,

but I hide in the carcass of my past.

A new dawn of tomorrow awaits me,

but I’m reduced to a weakness that I can’t trust my own guts.

What am I, if not weak?

What am I, if not my own enemy?

My heart crumbles under the weight of my own thoughts

and my soul burns in fire of my own wrath.

And I have nothing more to say,

except that, I need you the most today.


special credits to thegirlwiththepaperflower 🙂

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